A Cozy Crucifixion

Harvesting the cane would do it, so would elite tennis,

pounding the pool for Australia,

all fodder for the physio:

you lie prostrate on the plinth,

narrow as an ironing board

head down in the gap,

arms at yr sides, feet fastened at the base —

a cozy crucifixion,

planking for Jesus,

while muscles are massaged, kneaded.

coaxed into submission,

the little pummeling fists of current bringing you

to the shores of bliss

23 thoughts on “A Cozy Crucifixion

  1. Wow. A lot to absorb in this. I can’t decide if it’s painful or fabulous. Maybe it’s like that Queen song says “pain is so close to pleasure”. I have had a few physio visits. Definitely not comfortable. But they did help in the end!!!

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      • Well it’s great imagery. I didn’t mean to sound disparaging. I read it twice to absorb it properly. But the distinction between pain and pleasure isn’t always finite. So it makes sense.


      • thanks. I’m quite proud of that poem having SOMETHING REAL to write about rather than a poem about NOT being able to write; the painting was the prompt ln the foyer of the physio’s 🙂

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      • Oh cool. Yes. Sometimes it’s hard to find stuff to say. My Mum has always discouraged me from writing about writing and since she’s one of my biggest supporters, it’s stuck with me and sometimes I really do have nothing to say even if random words bubble in my head like they might begin something. So I fully appreciate how good it is to find a topic.


      • mum is right; it’s the last resort of the desperate; you don’t need to look far; I found it at the physio; god only knows where I’ll find it tomorrow; my mentor said, you just have to be alert; that is enough 🙂

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  2. Reminds me of my surgeries birthing the littles. One was side ways the other backwards, buggers wouldn’t turn around. I remember arms out felt like Jesus, heading toward the right light, although there wasn’t a massage. Is that an Aussie luxury for these types of procedures? Man, missing out. 😉


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