Are You Lost?

Are you lost? he asks.

I don’t know, I say. I think so.

What’s that bracelet around your ankle?

Oh that, it’s a monitoring device in case I get lost.

So are you?

I guess so. I was wandering like Wordsworth. Only he saw daffodils.

So what do you see?

I was just looking at the windy lake, how the waves arch like dolphins through the water and i thought of that song

What song?

The one that goes: ‘I wish I could swim like dolphins can swim’

You see that?

Yes, don’t you? Excuse me, that’s my phone ringing. I really have to take this. Alright, alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m coming right now. I have to go, I say.

So you’re okay then?

Yes, Someone’s waiting for me, waiting out the front.

That’s good. Anyone you know?

Yes, someone I know very well. But it’s okay.. He found me. We lose each other from time to time.


Soon as I get home, I’ll lock myself in. for the night. That’s when my mother used to wander too. It’s for my own good.

31 thoughts on “Are You Lost?

  1. This is beautiful. I have never dissociated so I didn’t pick it as that. But to me it felt like a conversation in a fog between a caring stranger and a beautiful dreamer. It feels mystical and dream like. It doesn’t feel unsafe.


      • 🙂 it is! And I too have been working at letting go of the need for every reader to know exactly what I am talking about. I can think of at least three poems this year where I wrote them with a particular idea in mind and I can’t be sure anyone understood. Some are because I go too abstract. And others I just shrug and tell myself “it doesn’t matter. If readers get something from it, then we’re all happy” I heard Kazuo Ishiguro talking about this. He writes whole novels and people interpret them totally different ly to his intention. He said it feels like a failure but he is training himself to reject that sense

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      • going too abstract can be a problem but in the end it is important to write what is authentic to you; I was on the dge of ‘ditching’ this post because people might not get it but like you, I went with it knowing it would ‘speak’ to some in an idiosyncratic way; and as for Ishiguro one of my favourite novels is ‘The Remains of the day’ 🙂 not a bad film either 🙂

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      • I must confess to a bit
        of Dylan plagiarism 😎
        Something about your poem
        struck a chime in my brain🔔

        “Even though a cloud’s white curtain
        In a far-off corner flashed
        An’ the hypnotic splattered mist
        Was slowly lifting
        Electric light still struck like arrows
        Fired but for the ones
        Condemned to drift
        Or else be kept from drifting.
        Tolling for the searching ones,
        On their speechless, seeking trail.
        For the lonesome-hearted lovers
        With too personal a tale.
        An’ for each unharmful, gentle soul Misplaced inside a jail.
        An’ we gazed upon the
        Chimes of freedom flashing.”

        ~ Bob Dylan


  2. Hi John, thoughtful piece.
    I wonder about getting lost. As someone who is directionally challenged, getting lost is frequent for me in new places. I use it as a way to discover new things. 😉



  3. Wandering lonely as a cloud. Draws me right in. You’ve created a great atmosphere and a casual nature that reminds me Fred Neil’s “Dolphins.” Your beautiful sea image so inviting. Oh, what lengths will we go to remain tethered?


  4. Yes, David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’; it’s well worth a listen; it made number one in the UK; from the same album. I think, as ‘China Girl’ ; will check it out tonight for sure “)


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