Wish I Had a Name

I wish I had a name

something exotic like Sterling Holy White Mountain,

the name of the author whose story I’m reading now.

Not my name.

My name is bland as white bread, white as the face cream

my mother used to apply,

and shorn of all mantric significance,

It’s cute and cuddly like ‘Iggy’.

I want something mildly mischievous like ‘Flea’ or ‘Slash’.

‘Slash’ is good but I’d settle for something less edgy

as long as it was colourful. ‘Vance Blossom’, for instance,

named after a deep-pink velvet used on a sofa for the Cobble Hill line.

It is apt as I like to lounge around.  

Chandler, Chandler Manning, I like — I made that one up,

the sort of guy

who doesn’t run away from fights or who is scared of lifts,

a bit like me in my more mythic moments.

37 thoughts on “Wish I Had a Name

  1. I agree with Vivi. But as a writer, you can call yourself whatever you like! Publish under Chandler Manning! Why not?! I did enjoy this poem. It says so much in the simple search for a name that expresses the qualities you value. That being said, my daughter remembers only two names from my blog “joanmalone” and “hobo”. 😃

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  2. John is a great, name – classic, and it goes well with Malone … rolls off the tongue, strong, no-nonsense.

    Chandler << NO! No offense to any Chandlers here, but it's what I'd call a "soap opera" name – en vogue for a short time only.


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  3. Can’t quit your Irish name. Be happy with a name that carries no offense or requires no defense. Imagine having a name more charged with negative emotion or one that’s become a slur. Not fun, or so I’m told. 😂 guess I could always water my name down, Katie Hartley.


  4. Hey! Guess what? There’s still fans seeing this for the first time, Brother John. And I dig it. I have my opinions about the whole name thing. I think names are indeed powerful. And nicknames are usually fun. This is a great piece!

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