Is it Character then?

Is it the characters, then?

No, it is not.

Scenery. dialogue,


the machinations of plot?

No, it is not.

Really? None of the above?

Then, pray tell, what?

Far more important

than any of those,

he says,

is vivacity,

the vivacity of the prose.

* what is it you most treasure in a short story?

pic courtesy of Pixabay

27 thoughts on “Is it Character then?

  1. Vivacity. This is another concept I must think carefully about. My first thought is that I don’t read a lot of short stories… although more since starting to read others’ blogs. But reflecting on the ones that have stuck in my head, I ponder the word vivacity and wonder what you mean by it. Is it engaging writing? Is it that ability to grip somebody’s imagination and wonder within a sentence or two? Is that vivacity? I think of vivacity as liveliness and I can see how that could apply to both the questions i have posed. But I am still intrigued by your word choice. Can you further define it?


    • definitely; it’s writing that’s vivacious, lively, alert to its own power, that utilizes the full
      resources of language depending on context; it sweeps you along — your writing and Karen’s trend towards this; Lauren Groff immediately comes to mind; it’s writing you lap up, savour ….

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  2. Ah. Like a vivacious curry! πŸ˜‰. No, but seriously, I can see why you picked vivacity. It’s a good word. I think I just have to bow out because I really don’t read enough short stories. I don’t read enough full stop at the moment. Perhaps, while recovering from surgery, I will find opportunities to examine your thesis more intelligently. πŸ€“


    • that’s fine. ‘Worms’, you have a lot to deal with; I wouldn’t worry; I don’t think I’ve thought it out all that well ; it’s not quite a thesis yet but vivacity is certainly important to me as I’m not willing to undertake a short story — I have ADHD, my doctor suggested — unless the writing sweeps me along —

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  3. Originality captures me every time. Someone who can take something I’ve seen a million times and make me excited about it like it’s the first time; your writing so often does this to me. πŸ˜€ I come back for another sip because it’s like a natural spring.


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