I Liked You Had an Electric Blanket

I liked you had an electric blanket, he said.

I really warmed to that. I liked too

you had a back yard big as a beach

and that waves of love flowed through you.

back then; I liked how we took barefoot walks

along the sand on summer night, the stars

fiery with desire, the hot kisses, but memory

tends to polish things up. to add a gleam

that wasn’t always there;

the cat never took to me and in the end you

didn’t take to me either; our little edifice of love

smashed like a sandcastle by the waves

31 thoughts on “I Liked You Had an Electric Blanket

  1. I liked the beach imagery a lot. It served as a backdrop and a metaphor and I thought that worked extremely well. And the reference to the cat. πŸ™‚ People and their pets. But fear not, even if cat and partner are best buddies, things can still not work out. So please don’t blame the cat. πŸ˜€

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  2. The illusions are very strong in this piece, it my favorite is the cat that never warmed to you, interesting how that same dynamic can happen with people. Still bet it was one stellar sandcastle.


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