End of the Line

I’m sorry, he said, shrugging his shoulders. There’s nothing I can do.

But surely …

I’ve never seen it this bad. Not in all my years. They’ve always responded to treatment. I threw everything at it.

But you’re ….

I know. We’re the paramedics of the trade but we can’t perform miracles.

We bowed our heads.

Then I’ll see you to the door. Thanks for trying,

And off he drove in his clean white van, the firm’s logo on the side.

Well, I said, it looks like the end of the line for you. Sorry, old mate. You heard the man. You have to go. Time for an upgrade. A new laptop.

32 thoughts on “End of the Line

  1. 😂 A clever little post John. I love the way when you are in one of these tech stores the whizz kid assistants suck in their breath if you admit to having anything above 12 months old.

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  2. Wonder what the graveyard looks like for all of these electronics? Do they have tombstones made out of old keys? Can previous owners visit and light candles in remembrance? Excellent, John.


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