Another Altercation with Auto Correct

Parth serves me.

He deals with my query,

sets me up for Unlimited Data.

The next day

is Mother’s Day.

If you want anything to happen,

changes to your laptop,

forget it.

Mothers Day: the Holy of Holies.

but the next day

is all good


when I message Parth to thank him

auto correct  does not like ‘Parth’

but changes it to

‘Parthenon’ !

What the %#$%^&

He’s not a Greek temple, he’s a person, I say.

And besides he’s Indian NOT Greek

and when I correct it, auto correct

over-rides me.

We come to blows.

I change it back

end with a

‘Have a good one, Parth’ and quickly press ‘send’

but the next day

I get a message

‘Hey John! What is it with ‘Parthenon?

20 thoughts on “Another Altercation with Auto Correct

  1. Lol. I feel your pain. I almost sent somebody a terribly rude message… oh it might have been you, John. I do a lot of blogging on my phone. That’s right. I tried to write “you’re extremely kind” and somehow it changed it to “you’re extremely blind”. Luckily I saw it before I posted the remark and fixed it!

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  2. I’ve been in this situation at least a billion times, I mean auto-correct is helpful and all but most the times it is straight up annoying!!!

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  3. Autocorrect and I have thrown down, and I believe I am the winner, as it can never configure the strange words I type. Don’t talk to Siri, either. It’s a protest in verbal creativity, I think.


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