Up in Smoke

You don’t see many houses with chimneys anymore.

They seem to have gone up in smoke,

like ashtrays in cars and restaurants,

and ‘smoko’ at work places.

I used to love ‘smoko’ even though I didn’t smoke.

And what about that wine everyone used to drink back in the sixties,

and no one asks for anymore. ‘claret’ at least in Oz?

When’s the last time you heard anyone drop into a Liquorland or BWS

and ask, got any claret on special, sport?

Come to think of it when’s the last time anyone called someone, ‘Sport

The other day an old mate asked me, would I like to drop by for ‘tea’.

‘Tea’? What the ^%^% is that? It’s a word like claret you don’t hear much anymore except in reference to the drink, the alternative to coffee.

I slip into it now and then — old habits die hard. You’ve got to watch yourself. .

can you think of other words or customs that have died out?

20 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

  1. When I had my first job, the sales reps used to carry jars of 20c coins so they could make phone calls “on the road”. Don’t see many public phones anymore. People laugh at me when I say “it’s a wigwam for a goose’s bridle” but I am sure it was a thing my grandmother said. 🙂 No idea what it means. Perhaps it’s just a totally unlikely scenario.


    • thanks ‘Worms’; grandmothers did have funny, mostly inexplicable sayings.I remember phone booths. There’s one down the end of our street, the only one I know of for miles around. Or should that be ‘kilometres’? hasn’t the same ring to it 🙂

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  2. I am constantly teaching my much younger teaching associate, phrases from the past and she loves them. ) that’s small potatoes, in the black, etc.


  3. Kliban had a book titled “Never Give a Gun to Ducks”
    Probably an old saying somewhere, but he’s the only one I ever heard it from. I like it though. I like the way it rolls off your tongue and sounds as if it should be wise.
    This is great John. Never play cards with a man called Doc.

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  4. Hahah, great one John. Someone said I was swell and groovy! I took it as a compliment because I like the person. 😀

    Right now, things are still moving slowly in Canada due to the pandemic, so I don’t mind the throwback (even with words) to better times. 😀


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  5. I think the one custom that has certainly died out is visiting people. Now we just make a video call. You visit only when you can’t push it any further. Another is walking. I used to walk several miles a day just because I could. Now, I can’t think of walking for anything except health reasons 🙂


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