waiting to be Called

Please Wait to be Called,

the sign said

So I did.

I took a ticket and waited

behind the others

till it was my turn

at the head of the queue

outside the draughty pearly gates

holding my flimsy little ticket

& when, growing impatient,

I stepped forward,

St. Peter held up his hand:

“There seems to be some problem,”

He said.

“You’ll have to wait a little longer,”

I stamped my feet a little

when a white light flashed overhead

& a door opened behind

& I was whooshed back

to the operating theatre where the surgeons

had revived me.

One step from paradise.

pic courtesy of Pinterest,com

21 thoughts on “waiting to be Called

  1. Gosh. I am glad it was the surgeon, not a dude with red horns! I do like the idea of stomping impatiently about outside the Pearly Gates like it was the NRMA or the butcher or the Apple Store. A lovely, surprising end to an intriguing poem.

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  2. Fantastic! Really thought provoking. There is a line in one of the songs from Social Distortion “there must be a heaven, cuz I already done my time in hell”. Sometimes I wonder if there is 3 places or only 2.


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