The Best Exotic Mongolian Beanie

What sort of wuss wears a beanie around the house?

It’s not Outer Mongolia for f**’s sake

But it looks exotic and it’s warm and woolly.

A tower of a hat from Ulaanbaatar, the trader told me. A beanie fit for Genghis Khan.

I could see him storming through the steppes wearing it proudly like a crown,

I had to have it with its burnished reds and browns and black leopard spots.

But I look a proper Charlie wearing it in the mall or library or on public transport.

In restaurants people just stare.

So I wear it when gardening or on evening walks along the esplanade before disappearing

into my yurt where I cuddle up with a copy of Sonomyn Udval’s ‘Collected Short Stories’

which everyone should read.

  • what’s the strangest structure you’ve slept under?
  • have you read any of Sonomyn’s wonderful stories?
  • do you wear beanies on cold, wintry days?

52 thoughts on “The Best Exotic Mongolian Beanie

  1. I think most hats take courage to wear… if you’re not used to having a hat on. It’s almost certainly true that while you feel “like a charlie” nobody else really judges you. At worst they might register “a man in a beanie”. Just wear it like it’s a part of you. 🙂

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  2. This reminds me of the time we went on a summer vacation as a family. We were planning to go whale watching and found out, right as we got to our destination, that it would actually be extremely cold out on the water, even though it was summer, so my Dad raced to the nearest retailer to buy some warm clothing since we hadn’t brought any. The only winter hats for sale were these bright neon orange hunting hats….we looked rather conspicuous and crazy. (Didn’t even see any whales. I think they were afraid of us).

    Anyway, I think life is too short to not wear something flashy and flamboyant at least once.

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  3. Oh, I love my beanie hat. It has blue-tooth speakers built in so I can walk and bike with no wires lost in music. Do you wear a beanie, John? I also find a sunhat essential, for reading in the park and other fabulous summer outings. Sonomyn’s stories? I will have to look them up as your rec. means high expectations. I’ve slept under an underpass-we’re all terrible teens once, no? Probably, just me. I bet you’ve nested in some interesting spots. Do tell.

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  4. apart from bedding under tents on camping trips, I can’t recall any unusual structures I’ve slept under, though a yurt is high on my bucket list 🙂 and yes, I do wear beanies, the Mongolian one when I’m out in the more posh neighborhoods and a standard black-and-white one when I’m out amongst the bogans 🙂

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