Bad Company

How’s your girlfriend going? she asks tonelessly..

Pam? Yeh, she’s okay, I say.

You seem to need somebody, she says. A wife, partner, a female friend.

And you don’t?

No. I must be stronger, she conjectures in her haughty voice. I can live with myself. I don’t need anyone.

Loneliness is a morose companion, I add.

She says nothing.

pic by Joey Monsoon courtesy of Pinterest

34 thoughts on “Bad Company

  1. “i can live with myself”. That’s an interesting comment, isn’t it? The alternative is dire. It’s a very interesting piece of dialogue. So much to conjecture. So much said and unsaid. I feel like it’s the kind of conversation you read in books and think “that would never really happen”. But it really does!!

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  2. I like the line “I can live with myself” as if she’s trying to convince herself that this is true. Perhaps it’s because we cannot live without ourselves, and yet it is one of the most difficult tasks to master. Bitter when achieved.

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  3. thanks, K ; life is tricky but loneliness is trickier; I was amazed that I came up with that saying: it must have been forming in my mind for some time 🙂 it is so easy to overwrite; it took all of my skills to underwrite 🙂

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  4. I do treasure my own company.
    With seven kids, and eleven
    grand kids, it’s a rare commodity.
    Precious as it can possibly be.
    Poor, poor, pitiful me 😎

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