Macabre Memory: Warning

The cat left no suicide note

unlike the farmer who died

in the same way

head swathed in cling wrap

like a cellophane mummy

note fabricated:

he met with foul play.

His wife the killer — Insurance —

eager for a big pay.

But who would asphyxiate a cat

& dump it by the riverside

where dreamy poets wander

& children play?


39 thoughts on “Macabre Memory: Warning

  1. Good question. Vengeance against an ex who left the cat behind on their way out? 😱 (sometimes, I hate where my mind takes me)


  2. so good to hear that Minogue/Cave collaboration from ‘Murder Ballads’ with its Ophelia-like references; and the CSNY song which I vaguely remember: both set in a similar area where I found the sad cat —

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  3. Great poem, John,
    We can come up with the cruelest ways to kill people.
    To snuff out someone’s life for profit takes a special kind of deviance.
    I’m also not surprised someone can do this to a helpless animal. Human beings are sick.
    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be part of this race,

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  4. There seems to be something fishy that cling wrapped this kitty. Human beings are the worst to come across. Don’t know when the monster will come out. Wonderfully written, John. πŸ™‚


  5. Killing for pleasure vs. killing for money to buy pleasure, not so different really. There’s selfishness and sadism, which leaves us to wonder about the true nature of humankind. Excellent combo poem, John.

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  6. thanks, K; i almost never posted because of the topic but I’ve held this atrocity back for too long; somethings need to be aired, our ghosts exorcised, but how do you exorcise sadism???


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