They get up, rumpled, a little worse for wear. take a look, hold each other, flinch.

All that clutter.

The humble vessels and instruments of the night before, that wrought such alchemy on a lowly leg of lamb, packaged parsnips, carrots; followed by a serve of dried apricots and flaked almonds, soaked in brandy, all generously washed down with an aged red. Or was it two?

What a night!

But now …. the domestic terror in the sink.

Even alchemists have to clean up their mess.

pic courtesy of Pinterest  by John Currin

21 thoughts on “Flinch

  1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. This is a real problem with fine cooking. Such a fine mess it makes! And the fine eating takes so little time compared to the preparation and clean up. I guess it’s like being a world class athlete. You train and train for years and years but any single event may only take a few minutes.

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  2. no, you didn’t but I thank you for it; I did post an earlier version but I soon grew very dissatisfied with it, saying I can post a much more interesting, more fully realized piece than the original so I did, turning it into a flash fiction piece —

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    • thanks Terveen; I already had the pic on my file but didn’t know what to do with it till the horror in the kitchen presented itself and I thought: the perfect union for a piece of Flash Fiction πŸ™‚

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