How Was It, Chief?

He brings me a muffin.

I asked for a blueberry.

I get choc chip.

I asked for a fork.

He brings me a knife.

You’ve got no idea how rude customers can be, he says to a couple at the next table. You don’t know what you’re doing, mate, they sometimes say. Hey! I’ve got backbone. I bite back: Don’t know what I’m doing??? You don’t know what you’re talking about, I say to them. I’ve been in this trade for ten years.

His face is going red. He starts to inflate like a pufferfish. His words bristle.

The couple cower before their coffee.

So how was it, chief? he asks me in passing.

You don’t know what you’re doing, I feel like saying but my mouth is full of muffin.

Instead I give him the thumbs up. It seems the best policy. I’ve made his day.

27 thoughts on “How Was It, Chief?

  1. I feel your pain, John.
    Waiters seem to always ask me,
    “How’s your meal, Sir?”, just as I’ve
    shoved a fork full into my mouth.
    Thankfully Linda will politely reply
    on my behalf.
    It always leaves me to wonder
    what the waiter is worried about?

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  2. We had a waitress this morning with a penchant for absent mindedness. We wound up spreading butter on our toasted banana bread with forks. 😊. But she wasn’t blustery. I must admit, I don’t enjoy being rebuked by waiters.

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  3. Thumbs up it is. 👍I shall try this with my students when I ask for a synecdoche and they give me metonymy. Some people will never learn. 😂 Do you think waiters lose their hearing after a while? Selective bad hearing, perhaps?


    • Hi K: embarrassingly — that’s a hard word to spell: I got it right on the third attempt — I’ve never mastered the meaning of those two words: I avoid using them and just hope I don’t bump into them too often in my reading, including blogs 🙂

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