She Needs Cheering Up

I need cheering up, she says. I work better when happy.

A shared laugh would help, she adds.

So it’s down to me. What am I? A stand-up?

I can’t think of anything funny to say.

It’s a lovely sunny morning in spite of the forecast

so that’s something to be happy about

but happy isn’t funny.

I riffle through my corny joke book but she’s heard them all

even the good ones, like what do you call an Igloo without a toilet?

An Ig !

I thought that was pretty good but all it elicited was a groan.

And anyway, how necessary is it to be happy when you’re working?

Take art. Some of the best paintings were birthed in rage and fear.

Think ‘The Scream’ by Munch, Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ or Bacon’s ‘The Screaming Pope’.

You don’t read ‘In Memoriam’ for a good laugh or listen to ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ for a bit of a lift.

These did not come from a happy place.

Sure, being in a happy place helps, but you’re not going to get the dark matter, the weight if you’re buoyant as a balloon.  

pic by John Currin on Pinterest

48 thoughts on “She Needs Cheering Up

  1. Wonder why some people just can’t get this. Don’t need to be a laughing fool to feel the joy of life. Sadness can be quite lovely. Guess nobody told her that. Maybe she just needs a tummy tickle. Works with pets etc.
    The igloo joke was hilarious. Great writing, John. 🙂

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  2. When I was living in the “Great White North” a few years back, I built myself an igloo. I moved in and my friends threw me a housewarming party. I wound up homeless and had to move back down to more temperate climes.
    Great work here, John.

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  3. I do believe the good Lord gives us depth through our sorrows. Our daughter had a serious tumor removed as a child 23 years ago and it brought me even closer to my wife, son and daughter. My daughter is so close to me and so much like me, I once told her she was the only woman I would ever understand she said,”You are probably right.”

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