How Many of These Have You Read?

I was chatting with Worms the other day about Proust,

about his masterpiece, ‘Remembrance of Things Past’

and how neither of us had read it; Worms even found

the name ‘Proust’ intimidating; and I thought how many

of the world’s best known works I have never read,

like Longfellow’s ‘Hiawatha’, Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’,

even Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’ and even though

everyone has heard of it, who’s read Dickens’ ‘Little Dorrit’?

There’s even a short story by David Gilbert devoted to

the George Elliot book that no one I know has ever read,

and few have heard of: ‘Adam Bede’. There must be others.

*can you think of any?

* have you read any of these books?

* what has put you off reading them?

pic of Proust courtesy of Wikipedia

55 thoughts on “How Many of These Have You Read?

    • My God! you were taught that in High School?? I haven’t read it but my impression of it is that it is gory, a bloodpath, which even ‘MacBeth’ would pale beside; perhaps it’s lucky you remember little of it 🙂

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  1. Everyone has seen the movie,
    but I’m the only one I know who’s
    actually bothered with the book,
    ‘Ben Hur’ by Lewis Wallace.
    It’s well worth a look 👀👌
    Perhaps Hollywood could do
    Proust proud … or perhaps not 🤔

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    • well, I loved ‘East of Eden’ with James Dean — it may have been his first film — but I have not read the book — but hey! I did finish ‘Ulysses’ but in those days had to purchase it in a porno bookshop —


  2. Hi John, I have read Proust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ , but not entirely. It’s a very long book! I did so as research for my novel.
    It wasn’t an easy read, but I was searching for something specific. In the end, I found what I needed by reading volumes 1 and 7. One day, I may go back and read all of it.

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  3. Life is too short to plow through a book if you don’t like it. I do own to being a big Dickens fan though. I have a set of his books including Little Dorrit, and yes I have read them all. The man is so funny, he was a sort of Peter Kay (observational comedian) of his time. I am currently reading through them all again, which is one advantage of having a crap memory, I don’t remember what happens! 😂
    Apologies if this has not done what little street cred I have any good. 😊

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  4. Read Moby Dick in an American Lit. course. Read TA in a Shakespeare course. I’ve only read excerpts of Proust. I like a good classic or two each year, it’s like an aperitif after a couple of weeks of drinking only beer. Feels refined, worthy of your reading sips.

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      • Sorry posted twice. It said error when I posted and I couldn’t remember what I’d said so I went again. Ah well, second thought may have been even better. Haven’t read Greene’s title. Currently taking on Anna Karenina. Would like to read more Russian lit as I wasn’t fed that growing up.


  5. I haven’t read any of these books but I have read more contemporary writers like Roth and Updike. I’ve also read everything Fitzgerald wrote. I guess you go through these stages. One can’t read classic after another methinks. You have to spice things up now and then!

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