There Must be Some Nice Things I Can Say about You

Let me see.

There must be some nice things

I can say about you.

I get to hang out with my inner hermit again.

Where you been? he asks sullenly.

Busy, I say, busy. But hey! It’s good to see you.

Can we, you know, have a beer together? Bring in a Pizza? Watch ‘The Farmer Wants a Wife?’

Sure, I say, sure.

We hug each other. It’s like old times. There’s a tear in his rheumy eyes.

I got time now.

I go to the old bookshelf. It’s pretty dusty. Don’t get much reading done when you’re out and about.

And I grab one, that big Collected Graham Greene

and we settle into ‘The Quiet American’.

There are some stories you can’t read enough.

You could do with a shower, I say. So could you, says hermit.

We give each other a playful punch. It’s like old times.

I watch his hands, his fingers twitching. He pulls back the curtain, peers outside.

Do you reckon we could ,,,,?.

Why not? I say. It’s the season for it.

We stoke up the fire, sit side by side, writing our shivery little three liners, haiku on wind, frost, ice, hailstones.

Winter, you’re not all bad.

34 thoughts on “There Must be Some Nice Things I Can Say about You

  1. It is a good season for inner hermits, that’s for sure. This has been the wettest, greyest winter I can remember since moving to Canberra. Difficult to get washing dry but a good year to be having a lot of enforced rest with the cat, the dog and cups of hot cocoa. I am glad you found things to like. It sounds warm and companionable. 🙂

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    • thanks, Worms; yesterday was our coldest day since 1922 — 9 degree maximum — and as you may have heard, we are in a week-long lockdown and it is wintry again today. But I have found things to keep me happy including this funny poem; it’s funny how we often turn to humour in glum times

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  2. No need for hermits here at the moment John. Temperatures crept above thirty this week, which might not be hot by Aussie standards, but is plenty warm enough for a whinging pom.😂
    On the covid situation…we are currently getting about 50,000 new cases per day, and with restrictions lifted, that is going to double at least. Difference though is that 70% have been double jabbed and 90% have had their first job, so hospital admissions should be kept lowish. That is our cunning plan! What really amazes me is that although a pandemic has been predicted for years, and though coronavirus has now been around for two years, there is still no world strategy. Each country is doing what it thinks is best, and in some cases, like Australia, every state is doing something different. Where is our world strategy? What are our so called world leaders doing?

    Okay Hobbo, rant over, chill, grab a chamomile tea or something…….Dauphy

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  3. So good to be with oneself. And yes, hard to find good things to say. Such is self-love and all that crap. The inner hermit wishes to get out more. But winter can be the worst time. Hope there are more sunny days ahead. Cheers to both of you! 🙂

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