They Didn’t Tell You

They didn’t tell you when you trustingly submitted to a covid test that you’d have to quarantine for fourteen days even if you tested negative.

They didn’t tell you the queues would be so long, could take up to ten hours to be tested, and that there were no toilet facilities available, no hot dog stands

And they certainly didn’t tell you a fortnight in quarantine by yourself would be as gruelling, as solipsistic as a fortnight in solitary in a maximum security prison — and that you never even get to see your jailer

There is no training for this.

And anyway you’ve only got eight more days of madness to look forward to, so it isn’t all bad

Until you realize at the very end, your state’s in hard lockdown for at least a week so you have to go through it all over again

48 thoughts on “They Didn’t Tell You

  1. The one fortunate think living in the country with no neighbors, you can go outside, walk in the woods, we were even about to go kayaking. However going into town well all precautions were taken. As I live in a state were half the people think it’s no worse than the flu. They never did a complete lockdown GOP trump fan club. 🙄

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    • you’re fine; I understood and appreciate your thoughts on this troubling topic of state secrecy; whoa, that’s going a little far but they certainly don’t tell you thr whole story when they tell you to get tested —

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      • I agree, I have breathing problems so I was ever cautious maybe overly so. However, I did get both shots but still wear a mask because of course now we have a variation of COVID-19. It’s all so daunting. Be safe, John.

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  2. Ten hours waiting without a toilet?!?!?! I must admit when I heard about the queues for testing in south western Sydney (when they decided that people who go out of area for work have to be tested every 3 days), it reminded me of the queues to vote in the US election. It’s really tough what people get put through, even if it’s not deliberately tough. But the people who suffer it, like your friend, are heroes. I wish our government would acknowledge all the heroes who do the right thing even when it’s so bloody hard. Of course there are the up front heroes like the doctors but there are also invisible heroes everywhere. Please tell your friend I salute him/her.

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  3. respect ! how did you ever cope with the cramped conditions? all the submarine films I’ve seen stress the claustrophobia; though the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ offers a happier perspective 🙂


  4. Hi John,
    We’ve been in and out of this for awhile, finally relaxing some of the lockdowns but it’s been a long haul. At one point, our city/province was the longest locked-down place in the world. We might still hold this unpopular record, who knows?
    Hoping it gets better soon,

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  5. I would have preferred if there were no masks ever and no “six feet distance” requirements and the disease just run its course. Even if it were a more severe form of infection, I’d STILL prefer that. With Covid being a form of the flu for most people, it seems decidedly panicky and overreacting to throw all the barriers in front of it. This pro-safety-at-all-costs world is madness. I’d rather live free than safe any day.

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  6. more and more people here are thinking towards that position; we’ve had two Freedom marches in our streets the last few days, one in South-West Sydney, the other in Melbourne —


  7. Oh! I completely relate to it, I had to be in Dubai for a teaching assignment, with in a day or so the city went into a complete lockdown. I was in a tiny hotel apartment for months. Thankfully my partner was there and the constant fights and arguments added some drama. It was tough really and stood for nearly 7 hours to get the test done!

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