They’ve Taken Way the Steps

They’ve taken away the steps

the ones leading to the first floor

where JB HiFi is

cordoned off ‘coz of covid

the ones I climbed for practice

in case I made The Great Wall

but there are other steps

to keep in mind

that Stairway To Heaven

for instance

the one we all have to climb

to get to our Heavenly home

but if the climb takes as long

as the eight minutes of the song

we all might be in a spot of bother;

hopefully St. Peter has a rescue brigade

of angels on call

or a St, Bernard or two with a small barrel

of whisky around their necks

for those who didn’t practice often enough

on Earth


23 thoughts on “They’ve Taken Way the Steps

  1. Neil Peart (Rush Backstage Club newsletter, December 1985): “This song (Jacob’s Ladder) simply describes the phenomenon of the sun breaking through the clouds in visible rays, as it sometimes does after a rain or on a cloudy day. The actual name seems to be one of those traditional names for natural things which has probably been around for ages. I think Geddy actually suggested the idea to me, after hearing his mother-in-law use the name. It had a nice sound to it, and of course the event itself is a beautiful and inspiring one.”
    In the April 1980 issue of Sounds magazine, Neil Peart explained how the song was written: “Whereas most of the ideas we were dealing with this time were on the lesser side, and in some cases, like in ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ looked at as a cinematic idea. We created all the music first to summon up an image – the effect of Jacob’s Ladder – and paint the picture, with the lyrics added, just as a sort of little detail, later, to make it more descriptive.” (Also a song done my Huey Lewis and the News)

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    • it’s funny how poems take off, Hobbo: I began writing about the stairs that were blocked off, the ones I always climb up and down a few times —because you can never do enough climbing at our age —and somehow I got onto the Great Wall and then the steps to top all steps, that stairway to heaven: creativity like God works in mysterious ways πŸ™‚

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  2. I never thought of climbing steps in training for death. πŸ˜€ I like the thought of lying on display in my coffin with my great thighs all muscular and fit. People will say “I heard she climbed a hundred steps a day!”. And on my tomb stone it will say “Steppenworm”. John, you have inspired! πŸ˜€


  3. This could make anyone rather nervous. Steps and climbing aren’t really my thing. I guess I’ll be at the back of the line, hitching a ride.
    What a great story and thought, John.πŸ™‚


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