Skeleton in the Phone Booth

A skeleton from the closet

Phoned the other day

One we thought had been

Securely locked away.

We tried to entice it

Cajole it back in

But that skeleton was

Determined to be seen.

For it had grown flesh

Learned how to live

And clearly would rattle

All the relatives.

This poem was written twenty years ago when first contact was made. It was more a ghost from the past than a skeleton but gradually over further calls it acquired structure and then one magic day it acquired corporeality. I was not there — my partner and I had split up — but I heard about it through others, including my children. Then just last week over New Year we met. This wonderful, warm person is now a part of my life. Thanks to the Marriage Equality Act She is getting married soon to her partner of eighteen years. She thanked me for keeping the lines of communication open and hope alive.

ps that third line in the second stanza still is not right

*have you ever had a skeleton from the closet visit you?

26 thoughts on “Skeleton in the Phone Booth

  1. It’s a fun poem with a lovely story behind it. In the story, you sound very affectionate toward the “skeleton” but from just the poem, I wasn’t sure of the relationship. Wondering if that was deliberate or if it’s also related to when the poem was written?


  2. Reading the above comments is like listening to a chat between old friends! I enjoyed the poem and the comments equally. I am working on the confessor poem John, but it’s not a comfortable write, or read! 😊

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    • thanks Hobbo: I can talk very easily to Worms: I feel we are on the same wavelength regarding writing; I wouldn’t worry about the confessor poem: if it doesn’t work out , put aside; as you say, you are not comfortable with it, let it go; you gave it a try πŸ™‚

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  3. The past, hovering over our shoulder like a ghost, burnt to a reddish color, comes back to haunt us when we least expect. People know keeping your nose clean and not being an outsider is important, but they keep doing foolish things, including politicians and their scandals. The truth is dragged out of us reluctantly, and is brought into fresh air to be aired for all to see.

    — Catxman

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  4. I love your lines and the backstory.
    It does seem to be an issue with many people. The more you know, the meatier it grows. Such a unique theme, John. πŸ™‚
    I have no skeletons, I hardly know anyone, if any will arise they’ll surely be bored to death.


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