Cliffs I Have Known

Unstable Cliffs, the sign reads. Stay Clear.

And I think of the unstable Cliffs I have known:

The deputy that has a meltdown whenever I call in sick:

my cousin’s boyfriend who punches holes in the wall

when he is denied,

and the glue-sniffing Cliff I taught in Year 11 who fell asleep

on the tracks coming home from a party and was run over by a train.

They should have come with warnings too. 

36 thoughts on “Cliffs I Have Known

  1. Poor old Cliffs. Funny how you collect characteristics for names. Most Terrys (male) I have known personally have been obnoxious. Most Peters have been honourable. But, as you rightly lament, none have come with useful signage such as your photo!

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  2. Signs, signs, everywhere the signs as the song goes.

    They’re not there because anyone cares. They’re there because the Legal Department of the municipality said to put them there.

    I had a friend who got $30,000 because he was walking innocent below and beside a stone wall and it chose that moment to collapse on him. He went on a spending spree with the taxpayer’s money.

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  3. another commentator found that hilarious too; there must be something about that sort of death: it is way out there — I’m going to have to readjust my sense of humour: make it more inclusive 🙂


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