Not Katherine Anne Paterson’s Bridge

to Terabithia,

the one that Leslie and Jess cross

to get to their magic kingdom.

Nor that bridge too far.

Not the one Over Troubled Waters.

Nor that terrible one on the River Kwai.

Not even the bridges you burn

so there’s no turning back

but that rope suspension bridge

dangling high over the gully

that me and my faithful mutt, Salem,

can’t bring ourselves to cross

photo by Andre Amaral on

37 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Steep bridges always remind me of the petting zoo/wildlife retreat where I went as a kid. There was an indoors plank bridge crossing and straw below in case you fell. I was always a little surprised and suspicious at the straw. It’s like, What do you THINK is going to happen here….?

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      • I’m not sure, heights creep me out. The bridge swayed back and forth if I recall, and you could see through the floor boards to the rapids below.

        What made me do it? School trip filled with grade 6 students. I’m sure some were scared , but peer pressure is so tough at that age.


      • you’re right, Eden: peer pressure is strong at that age: why I began smoking and listening to rock ‘n’ roll, though I didn’t need much encouragement there; and as for crossing those rickety bridges, once you look down, forget it 🙂

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  2. Oh, so many memorable bridges. Crossed in their time, maybe? Made me think of The occurence on Owl Creek Bridge, the three billy goats that cleverly crossed the bridge despite the troll, and the way that poetry bridges the everyday with the eternal. Enjoyed, John.


  3. Those bridges are so scary. They make you wish that you could just lie down and cry. I’m afraid of heights and each step would make me think I’m plummeting to my death.
    Love how you shape your words around it, John. 🙂

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  4. Love how you build up a tension. Are we going to cross or not. Then in the last lines you keep us safe.
    Three steps on the ladder I start to shiver even if I did a skydive when I was 18. I came down but my dinner came up. 😀

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