Like Gustav

Which one is he, I say of the quartet by the river. Which one is Klimt?

Oh, he’s the one with the kaftan. He always wore one in public.

And I think, maybe that’s the answer, maybe if I wore a kaftan

everywhere I go people might take more notice, might say,

o, that’s the famous poet, he has a new book coming out.

And I could promenade along the jetty, frequent the famous kiosk

where all the trendy people go; and maybe go the full monty like Gustav

beneath his kaftan painting in his studio so he’d feel less constricted;

maybe that’d do the trick, maybe that’d free my poetry up

22 thoughts on “Like Gustav

  1. Kaftan breezes could be just what’s needed. Do let me know how you get on with the new look. Makes me think I could pull off some of those new Brazilian bathing suits…hmm, maybe test it out at a late night swim first. 😉


  2. I don’t know if there are any proper writing trays to go across the top of a bath tub, but you could invent one. If you earn enough money you could buy a proper Kaftan and buy Henri Duvernois’ “Clothes Make the Man.” I think some famous soap operas were written in the bath tub with the water as a cover.


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