I was sitting at Maccas


on a cheeseburger


what the Buddha had to say

on Generosity:

how it benefits both the giver and receiver

when this aboriginal woman

came up to me and said,

have you got two dollars. For chips?

Sure, I said,

digging deep,

pulling out a coin I plonked

in her hand.

Gee thanks, she said,

It’s my birthday today. I’m 29.

Lucky you. I said. Have a good one

and go easy on those chips.

She beamed me a smile

big as Uluru

& I knew what the Buddha meant.

27 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. Wow, this was quite beautifully written, and the lesson about kindness and generosity was rather well placed! I simply loved it! 😊😊😊

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  2. I’m going to play the naysayer.

    I’ve been financially very low in my life and that has hardened my heart to panhandlers — especially girl panhandlers, who you just KNOW are going to outdo the male version by about 3:2 or a higher ratio even than that.

    So no. Give no money to them. Sorry John. *raised hands* Just my call.


  3. I’ve heard variations on “Can you spare some, change, dollars, or a bit coin so I can get something to eat?” But I was coming out of the supermarket and a girl got the pitch slightly wrong. Somehow I decided to try something that had failed in the past when I had no money: I said “I have a loaf of bread and a bag of potato chips. Would you like either of these.” She said she’d have the potato chips. I guess she thought she was going to get a lecture or something, so she said “For me?”. I said yes, and she had such a wonderful glowing smile that I knew she would enjoy such a giant bag of joy as much as I do when I have no guilt, but only the sensual pleasure of eating the forbidden. Some smiles are transcendent and magical somehow…

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