Travelling in Ambulances

I like to travel in ambulances.

They seem such warm, friendly places

especially the Aussie ones shown on our screens:

‘Paramedics’ and ‘In the Ambulance’.

The ambos are calm, confident and chatty,

the ride authoritative but reassuring;

you feel you’ve landed on your feet

even if you are on your back;

There’s never any drama with these ambulances:

You scoot along niftily, the traffic parting

like the Red Sea for Moses; you’re delivered

efficiently as a package from Australia Post.

* I've never travelled in an ambulance; have you?
* have you an ambulance story ?
*pic courtesy of Wikipedia

42 thoughts on “Travelling in Ambulances

  1. ’24 Hours in A & E’ centred in St. Georges Hospital in South West London is a top rating, long running show usually on SBS though here the ambos very much play second fiddle; my therapist might be worried about my preoccupation with these shows 😦

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  2. Great poem. We were in a car accident. Our car ended up upside down on the motorway. Air ambulance helicopter came and Mrs H refused to get in because she is scared of them! Had to wait for the ordinary ambo. Luckily no lasting damage, other than embarrassment! 😂

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  3. Hey! Thankfully, never been in an ambulance, though I have had my fair share of nasty ‘incidents’, including a suicide attempt (something I am no longer proud of). As foe ambulance story, I have a crazy one. Once I was travelling to office by autorickshaw (I was already late) and there was an ambulance behind us from a certain hospital. The autorockshaw was not ready to give it way so I forced him to, saying that what if it was going to help someone I know and that person dies?
    Once he gave way to them, we were stuck in the slow-moving traffic. 15 minutes later, I reached office and found that one of my friends, who was also my charge as a new joiner, was in a road accident outside office and that ambulance had come to take her to the hospital…

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    • totally right; to be taken in an ambulance means you are not in a good way; I think the TV shows I refer to concentrate on patients with less spectacular conditions which might distress the viewers — and heaven knows we mustn’t distress the viewers —

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  4. I’ve been in an ambulance before for transport from one facility to another. Non-emerg.

    It’s pretty much as you describe it. Feet down though strapped up tight relaxed. You almost feel as if you should be smoking.


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