Cows in a Paddock

Someone once told me you can tell what the weather

Will be like by studying cows in a paddock.

If they’re standing, she said, there’d be

a good chance of rain, whereas if they were lying down,

you could count on fine weather. Or it might have been

The other way around. What a load of bull, I thought.

What if half were standing and half were lying down?

Would that mean a 50% chance of fine weather, or to put it another way,

A 50% chance of rain, depending on whether you were

A glass half- full or a glass half -empty sort of person? It seemed a little dodgy.

What if, for instance, in one paddock all the cows were lying down

while in another, they were practising synchronised standing?

Wouldn’t one cancel out the other?

And why cows?

What about prognosticating pigs, soothsaying sows, auguring alpacas?

The list goes on. I decided to go back to the Bureau forecasts.

At least they get it right half the time.

42 thoughts on “Cows in a Paddock

  1. I love how your kind works, John. Cows are predictable as weather forecasters, I imagine. As kids, we would ask the grand daddy long legs-grand daddy, grand daddy, where are the cows? They’d lift a leg in answer, and they were usually right.

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    • pretty much, Neil: in a hour long news service, including the ads, there’s usually five minutes at the end devoted to weather; of course, it’s more diagnostic these days with charts and five day forecasts; the cows don’t get a look in 🙂

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  2. Look at the sky, John. Even you get it right half the time! 😁
    My house has a small farm right in front. Buffaloes sit through torrential rains and cows keep standing no matter the weather, except when they sleep. I think they are lobbying for and against Zeus…

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  3. Ha ha… well, as someone who lives in a rural area, I can confirm that cows lying down means rain. Guess they want to bags a dry patch. Ants are also skilled weather forecasters, they run around frantically as the clouds gather. Gotta get all those little jobs done before…oooh here it comes! Personally, I rely on the bureau of meteorology 🙂


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