Your Hair Looks Nonchalant

Your hair looks nonchalant, she says, as we get out of the car.

Nonchalant? I say. My hair?

Yes, she says. Unfussed, loose like a kaftan, happy in the way it looks like some of your poems.

Happy hair? Isn’t that a good thing?

Yes, she says, but couldn’t you …..?

Comb it? Of course, as I pull my little comb out of the back pocket of my jeans,

And that’s another thing, she says. Why pink?

*pic courtesy of Pinterest

33 thoughts on “Your Hair Looks Nonchalant

  1. I don’t know if it was intended, John, but that last line made me laugh out loud. Personally I admire a man who is comfortable with or in pink. Blast the stereotypes, I say. I get angry when I see the aisles with pink stuff for girls like a beacon of cultural bossiness. But please don’t take your pink comb to your poetry! 🙂 See? I make my own demands! Anyway, why did it make me laugh? I really can’t say. Perhaps it’s that we have so many expectations of our friends. We find it so hard to let others be who they truly are and embrace it truly. I don’t mean to be rude about your friend. Because I do it too (as above). I battle and battle with my own ideas about how things should be… like my daughter puts tomato sauce on avocado and it bugs me to bits.

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  2. it was intended, Worms, and it was said. And yes, it means all those things: it is about expectations, and being comfortable in your own skin, and I don’t know where that pink comb came from but as I’m always short of combs, I put it in my back pocket and use it unthinkingly. … but tomato sauce on avocado? that’s a bridge too far 🙂

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  3. 🤣Like Worms, I laughed out loud. I read it as the hair being pink though, not the comb! I don’t have a problem with wearing pink, I have a pink T-shirt and lots of pink socks, no pink hair though. Anyway, a colourful twist! 😂

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  4. When I was young I wore my hair long and it was quite curly, a soft loose curl. It was always nonchalant. Now that I’m old my hair is sparse, still curly, but much shorter. If I had a pink comb I would never part with it.

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  5. I think pink looks great on anyone. Why should half the population be made to wear only Grey’s and Brown’s? This is unfair. I want equal rights so I wear blues, and pinks too, Congratulations on still having hair. My husband is in 30s and lost half his hair already. If your hair is like your poetry, it’s good–your wear your own style! 😁

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