40 thoughts on “Tethered

  1. I agree. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up. And, as long as whatever the vice is, isn’t controlling us and ruining our lives, it’s fine to enjoy something that may not necessarily be healthy. I rate mental health very highly and sometimes that thing we enjoy is critical.

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  2. Yes, there should be something that stands out among the ordinary and so-called normal. Could be a vice or a poor but joyful choice. As long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. One can handle a slight deviation. Tethered is a brilliant choice of representation. πŸ™‚


  3. Struggling is a daily thing. Vices?

    A great, yeasty cinnamon bun? A glorious square of chocolate. Why not?

    I just do my best to avoid the occasional joy becoming a habit. That’s where the rubber meets the skid marks and crashes. I prefer the slow deterioration to the rapids, the whitewater…

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