Three Nights

Three nights of frazzled sleep

crammed into four hours on the couch

mellowed by malbec, merlot, mataro

an afternoon of tasting platters & wine samplings

at Penny’s Hill where black-faced sheep slumbered

under the oak; now you slumber so gently:

sweet Lethe has taken your troubles over the border;

you will awaken and forget

19 thoughts on “Three Nights

  1. thanks for replying, Hobbo; there is soemthing wrong with this post; people are avoiding it; reckon I’ll take it down shortly; I’ve had a few posts like this and I’ve ended up trashing them


  2. John, I haven’t avoided it but I’m not sure I understand it. I have never drunk much and I can’t quite tell if this is a happy poem or a sad one. I had to google Lethe and having done so it’s perfect for the context.


    • I appreciate your honesty, Worms; I should have made it more clear that the amount of alcohol for each tasting is small — it is only a taste and the tastings of the seven or so wines take place over a few hours with cheeses, olives,, cracker biscuits polished off with coffee. It gave C the relaxant she needed and she slept soundly and deeply so yes it is a happy, affirmative poem 🙂

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