Love on the Wing

When I was a kid I used to wander down the park and watch dragonflies flitter over the pond like tiny, restless angels.

Later I wanted to write poems about them the way Monet would go down to his garden at Giverny to paint water lilies.

The only difference is that water lilies stay still. They don’t dash and dart about the pond at 100 ks an hour. Even when they have sex they’re on the go, coupling like planes fuelling mid- flight.

I almost got one once when a dragonfly dawdled on the front doorknob one drowsy afternoon, after summer rains, then saw me and took off, its gossamer wings flashing rainbows.

Perhaps I should turn like Monet to waterlilies. He got 250 paintings out of them. I haven’t got one poem though I reckon I’ve made 250 trips. [ pic by loriedarlin on pinterest ]

36 thoughts on “Love on the Wing

  1. I once found a dead dragon fly inside the air cooler while cleaning it. It was the first time I saw one up close and it was unbelievably beautiful. It was black but its wet transparent wings sparkled in the sunlight like crystal. It was more beautiful than the butterfly I had buried in my front yard…

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  2. Seems you’ve broken your seal with this poem, John. Dragonfly stew, dragonfly daydreams, and dragonfly disease are all yet to be written. Leave the waterlillies to the artists. 😉 Enjoyed, and inspired. Now, to capture a bit more of the darting ideas in my head.

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  3. I love dragonfly’s, I have 2 tattooed on my arm .I look at these as a reminder of peaceful times, before I had to grow up and ‘adult.’ They remind me that some problems are big , some are small , but like a dragonfly, they might seem stuck in my spot for a while, and then sudden it is gone. 😉

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