The car next door has not moved all week.

It sits on the verge, desolate, forlorn.

I put a notice on the windscreen under the wipers.

“I’m bored. Please take me for a drive’.

The lopsided moon sniggers.

The next day I hear its engine rev.

And off it goes sprightly as a mountain goat up the hill.

Who says writing doesn’t work?

When it gets home a few hours later it looks buff, glowing like my hair when you rub

argan oil into it

24 thoughts on “Snigger

  1. Most of my hair has moved on. Like socks in a spinning dryer. I can still take the old truck for a spin though.
    Motivation can work in mysterious ways.
    Nice one, SeΓ±or. It’s the little things that make the world go ’round.


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