Jelly Cakes

Jelly Cakes.

They were called jelly cakes and they melted in yr mouth.

Marge brought them for Ted’s birthday.

Baked them herself.

What a whizz.

They were cheery and cherry coloured like Xmas.

No need to scrabble around for words to describe the taste like you do for wine.

One word would do.

One syllable.


  • what’s something that’s knocked you out taste-wise recently?

43 thoughts on “Jelly Cakes

  1. Total pre-christmas fix, John. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never had jelly cakes, but I imagine raspberry ones would be divine. Pumpkin muffins did me in recently. Warm, cinnamon and nutmeg morsels.


  2. When we were in Paris, we tried Macarons. They were divine. Lots of cafes here sell Macarons and they’re good but not the same. The ones in Paris tasted like they were real raspberries or pistachios or whatever. Definitely a “sweet” but the essence was sublimely fresh.

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