Not Fade Away

Jackson Browne, I say.


Jackson Browne, the singer. You look like him, like he was in the seventies when he was big.

I do?


But I can’t sing and I work in a burger bar.

I know, but you’re finishing a degree in International Studies, right?  You’ll be a diplomat. And you have his idealism, his energy. One thing though.

What’s that?

Don’t fade. Don’t go sanctimonious on us

I won’t, he says.

And looking at him, his floppy brown hair, chiselled features, slender build, alert eyes, I believe him.

He won’t.

28 thoughts on “Not Fade Away

  1. Great choice John, and JB is far from faded. He’s touring now with James Taylor, and I personally think he looks much better as an older man. And his voice is still pristine.
    Love ‘The Load-out’ like you. Listen to one he wrote at 16 if you get a chance. It’s called “These Days” … such mature lyrics and for someone so young. 🙂


  2. loved it — and I did know it, OMG EDen something you probably don’t know but Aussie band Powderfinger had a massive hit in Oz with a song with the same title and very similar mood; I think you would love it; YouTube of course 🙂

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