The Applecart

There was a saying in my parents’ day

not to upset the apple cart.

My uncle was a market gardener so it had extra meaning for us.

For a while things went smoothly

then I came along, then my sister.

We were the world’s first teenagers.

There was sex, booze — no drugs — and rock ‘n’ roll.

Mum and dad didn’t know what hit them.

And this went on all over the world.

A whole lot of apple carts were being upset, overturned.

Then came Feminism, Vietnam War protests, R rated movies

and in our country

the sacking of a government.

Boats were rocked, apple carts overturned.

It’s a bit like that now. Only there’s far more involved.

The fate of our planet.

I think before we get to wherever we’re going there won’t be too many

apple carts left standing.

*pic courtesy of Pinterest

31 thoughts on “The Applecart

  1. I’m interested to know who still has an apple cart that functions. Anything resembling that sort of planning poofed in a cloud of mucus in 2019, well at least for me. Lovely revival of this saying, though.


  2. We still say that, John. Meaningful and wonderful post, as always. I’m just 51 and haven’t seen the changes some have; but I’ve seen plenty other’s haven’t too. I used to wonder why “we throw the baby out with the bath water” and I never wanted to turn anyone’s Apple cart over. It’s a crazy world where people are being trampled even at concerts~some have decided to go ahead and not only eat the forbidden fruit (I’m not perfect and I had my taste and suffered the consequences) but dump the whole darn cart and collect what they want when and where and however way they wish. Take care, John!

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