The Forest

I like them too.

I thought I was a basket case

But there’s this thirteen year old

I read about

Who takes anti-depressants

Anti-psychotic drugs,

Two drugs for attention deficit disorder

& she takes what I take too.


I know growing up is tough

But I didn’t know it could be

Tough as this.

I could take other drugs,

Ones that she takes

But the doc reckons I’ve got this far

Without them

I can go the rest of the way.

I just hope that little thirteen year old kid

Makes it out of the forest okay.

*photo courtesy of Ulle

22 thoughts on “The Forest

    • yes that story as you probably have heard had a happy outcome. I think kids who get shoved from one foster home to another do it very hard as do our First Nations teens who are incarcerated — this is now being addressed, thank goodness —

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  1. Teenagers suffer the most,as they go through many changes in this period,during which they experience mood swings,depression,desires to smoke,drink etc… and other people literally don’t help out at all by telling to take drugs,or by scolding them for their habits! Indeed,this child is lost in the forest,and perhaps,she may come back. 😦

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