Before You

Before you

I always laughed at cartoons


was astonished before paintings & poems


but now I pass the magazine to you,

the one with the crazy cartoons.

Look at this, I say, & you do and smiles

span our faces & rumble our bellies

like little laughing Buddhas;

Trouble shared is trouble halved,

my mother used to say — but Joy

works inversely:

It is doubled when shared with another.

*pic courtesy of Pinterest by John Currin

31 thoughts on “Before You

    • indeed; this poem was written sometime ago; I thought in the spirit of the poem, it should be shared; like Fatboy Slim’s song ‘Praise’ :

      ‘We’ve come a long way together
      through the hard times and the good;
      I have to celebrate you baby,
      I have to praise you like I should’

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