No More No-No’s !

No more flannelette shirts now it’s November.

No more slippers, dressing gowns, they’re old men’s clothes.

No more ‘Married At First Sight’ or ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’

Real men don’t watch those.

And when you pull up at a red light, no more picking ….

Please, please, I say, no more no-no’s!

26 thoughts on “No More No-No’s !

    • i say wear what you find comfortable. I spent my teens and twenties angsting over clothes. Now I mostly buy from op shops and I love the freedom that gives me to try different styles and colours at a low price. I buy what I like and I remain almost completely unaware of fashion. If there’s one advantage of getting older (and I”m sure there’s more than one) it’s that you can leave that stuff behind. That’s my opinion.

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  1. More times than not when I’m driving, the person stopped beside me at a traffic light will be picking their nose.
    Is it because they think there’s a ‘cone of invisibility’ around them in their car? Most bizarre.

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