19 thoughts on “Went Down to Nazareth

    • I likethat, David; I went with the concept of, what if Jesus was not crucified, what sort of life would he lead? hearing the last verse of ‘The Weight’ stirred these mental peregrinations 🙂 I was hoping for a second stanza but it wouldn’t form 😦

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  1. that is a neat simile: thanks, David: it may yet manifest itself 🙂 I’ve often thought of an alternative history for Jesus if he escaped crucifixion; if he became a senior, like Buddha: what he would have imparted 🙂


  2. miracles for charity now and then… that line fascinates me. Imagine having the capability to perform miracles. It would be a bit like having a super power. I think you would either be adored and therefore pursued or totally ostracised. I don’t think you could ever live a “normal” life.

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