As Soon As

As soon as you stand outside someone’s place,

whip out your mobile camera and start taking snaps

of something in the street,

jacaranda flowers, for instance, carpeting the verge,

an ibis making love to a TV aerial,

a drunken, tilting fence,

someone starts singing loudly in a bathroom.

conversations break out in the hallway like a rash.

windows open or close,

to let you know they’re onto you

when all you’re doing is trying to compose a poem.

When did people start growing so suspicious of poets?

37 thoughts on “As Soon As

  1. Can anyone really trust a poet?
    Ok, maybe a novice…
    …or an apprentice poet, but a good poet?
    A post who can see inside your soul?
    Knows your secrets? Your desires? Your needs?
    I shudder at the very idea.

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  2. Poets see things, and they can take them that bit further than others are comfortable with … The truth is there, inside the words, at the edges, in the spaces between lines. Poets can find these things, and share them with all who are unafraid, or brave enough to read the poem/s.

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  3. The flower making love to the aerial gave a sense of film noir to the poem. It made the whole thing seem shady.

    Twisted imagery like that gives life and rhythm to the works. Not only does it boost the poem into the stratosphere, but it colors the works in different shades like a painting of verbal intent.

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