The Animals in Me

I have been called an ostrich for burying my head in the sand,

a mole for burrowing down to my zone of creativity,

quiet, unreachable,

a creepy lizard by a former girlfriend,

a snail for withdrawing inside my shell when I watch TV,

but best of all a bear, Johnny Bear, a much loved character

from my partner’s childhood, who lived with Grump, his mother

in Yellowstone Park in the book by Ernest Thompson Seton

which I am now devouring like the bookworm I am.

*which animals have you sometimes been compared to?

36 thoughts on “The Animals in Me

  1. Nicknames come and go, but I went through a period of being called the Honey Monster at work. Do you remember him, he was a big bear-like critter who used to advertise Sugar Puffs. Your ex. sounds a hoot BTW!

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  2. my ex had a knack for the wounding comment ; though, I must say, it had an underbelly of unintended humor πŸ™‚ no, the Honey Monster never made his mark in Oz; I’m not even sure about Sugar :Puffs. I was a Weet-Bix kid πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m a snake, as my Chinese astrological sign. It’s not an animal associated with positive traits by Western standards, but it has good qualities in the Asian calendar. Intelligent, wise, charming, good-looking.

    On the negative…sloth-like, suspicious, stingy. << All untrue.

    I just take the good stuff, hahaha!

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