Loose and Jiggly

Every time I go to a family gathering and there’s new faces

in the crowd

I’m expected to trot out a few

of my crazy stories

like the time I was struck blind at midday;

but it’s early in the evening

& the crowd

hasn’t jelled

isn’t well oiled

& you have to go in cold.

You feel like calling out, Where’s the Warm-Up Act

to make folks loose & jiggly.

Every comedian needs a warm-up act.

It’s a tough gig working a group that’s cold.

No one should be asked that.

Even the Warm-Up needs a Warm-Up.

29 thoughts on “Loose and Jiggly

  1. i love the last line. 🙂 i think your family thinks you are the warm-up… not for a bigger act but for everybody’s state of ease. Like K said, they’re depending on your humour to melt the atmosphere a bit so the rest of the gathering can mosey along, well-oiled and sweet.

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  2. Hahaha! That’s way too much pressure. I’d be nervous and sweating the whole time. Nothing worse than a cold audience. Why not just start laughing. They’ll either join in or think you’re crazy. Couldn’t get any worse. 🙂

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