Treetop Torment

How high can you fly,

clingy black flies?

20 metres,

30 metres,

40 metres high?

Even here

at 50

still you multiply.

in nose,

ears, eyes.

Were you on the moon

when the astronauts

came by?

Are you

in Purgatory

picking at our styes?

Is there anywhere

you’re not,

clingy black flies?

  • pic courtesy of by Matej Cerkez
  • from a draft in my commonplace book from December 2006

30 thoughts on “Treetop Torment

  1. These sound like the ones in France that come with the harvest and humid weather. Tiny little things that creep all over you in their hundreds. Over there, they are called betes d’orage (beasts of the storm). They make you itch like crazy and get into everything.

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