The Loves of My Life

I love
Peroni pint glasses
Blue Tip Matches
& the waifs of light
the sky at sunset snatches
I love a cutting comment
but not at my expense
I love Jabberwocky
though it doesn’t make
much sense
I love the nonchalance
of cats
who’ve mastered
the art
of just getting on with it
& not giving a fart
I love the lilt & lift
of ‘a brown-eyed girl’,
the ballet of a kite
& how we enter
the world
in a rush of light.
*what things do you love?

28 thoughts on “The Loves of My Life

  1. I’ve quite enjoyed watching my brown eyed girl’s hair change from blonde to grey
    I love how every dog that comes into my life is “my favourite dog”
    I love to change the words of poems I wrote before… before I knew the things I know now… before, well just before

    If you’re checking out John Prine make sure to listen to his song “Sam Stone.”


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