Rattle and Ho Hum

 I rattle the biscuit tin.

You coming in? I say.

Nah, she says, I’m waiting for a friend.

That mangy old tom I saw you with last night down by the chook shed?

Go easy, she says. I don’t talk about your friends like that.

Look, I say, it’s reaching the ungodly hour of 9.30. I’m going to hit the sack. You coming in?


Well, don’t forget. Santa’s coming tonight. He might have something for you. Be good.

She looks at me nonpussed.

27 thoughts on “Rattle and Ho Hum

    • thanks CATxman. LOL. was going to add a line like ‘Who Do you think you are? Mick Jagger? ‘ after that quip, ‘I’m just waiting for a friend’ but thought it would make it less purrfect 🙂


      • thanks, Worms: it’s a play on U2’s ‘Rattle and Hum’ album; I almost added a Mick Jagger reference to a cat’s response: ‘Just waiting for a friend’ but my inner censor constrained me : No, it said, that is too much 🙂

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      • the song is really rather lovely; it’s from the Stone’s ’81 album ‘Tattoo You’; it’s rather sweet but not too many know it, so the reference would have been, for most readers, dead wood; always beware dead wood, Worms 🙂

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      • But it isn’t a poem about music anyway. So the reference could simply have been for your own enjoyment. I have been known to included personal references. It seems like a reasonable line for the context is all I am saying. But you’re right. Dead wood is to be avoided unless you’re a home-seeking insect.


      • I suddenly got curious about whether there was some meaning for Rattle and Hum before U2’s album. This is what I discovered: “Rattle and Hum is a term used in the broadcast/music industry and refers to unwanted noise heard through a speaker system.” Just in case you wondered too. I am not such a music buff as you and although I knew your title was a play on rattle and hum I didn’t immediately register that as U2’s album. But when you talked out its origin I assumed it wasn’t the only context. But when I let go of assuming I realised I didn’t know any other context after all So that’s why I had a chat to Google.

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      • I do that too, Worms,whenever there’s a gap in my knowledge. Although I like to keep ,my posts playful I like to keep them factually correct 🙂 and also I like readers to take away something from y post as I like to take something away from theirs

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