Start with the Animals

Start with the animals, Buddha once said.

So I do.

The cat wants to go out. It is badgering me to let it out in the balmy evening where all sorts of adventure await.

But I want it to stay inside, settle down like me.

It is so easy to be mean.

I open the door.

I must open my heart a little more as well.

My girl and I sometimes send unpleasant texts to each other. It is what couples who are not quite couples do.

I think the meanness in my texts should be let out too.

I open the door. It dithers.

I give it a swift kick up the backside and send it on its way.

I begin my text message anew.

22 thoughts on “Start with the Animals

  1. If we start with the animals, I suppose I will be teaching the squirrels around her to focus, then hoping these lessons rub off on me. Very thought-provoking, John. Do you think children count on this same principle of starting with the animals?

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  2. tough question, K; could lead to trouble if you let kids out at all hours of the night, but consideration certainly; it isn’t easy being a parent as I’m sure you know; as for squirrels … šŸ™‚


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