Protocols for Bon-Bon Popping

There are protocols for almost everything you can think of:

how to behave on a first date, how to address royalty,

whether to fart in public or hold it in, the etiquette of blogging,

BUT WHAT are the protocols for bon-bon popping?

Over Xmas dinner the other night, we couldn’t decide when;

whether, as I thought, at the beginning of proceedings to start

the evening with a bang ; but my daughters were of the opinion

before the main meal but nonna shook her head, no, no, she proclaimed,

it must be after; we checked the box they came in, in the hope

that the protocols were printed there. Google was no help

nor the shop we bought them in. In the end they weren’t popped at all.

Oh well, we said. Let’s hope we can work it out by New Years’.

22 thoughts on “Protocols for Bon-Bon Popping

  1. What fun, or what fun it will be. Unfortunately, I have no advice as we don’t usually have these as a tradition. When you do indeed pop them, please share. I’d love to see how fun and messy they can be. Cheers, John. Thanks for a year of smiles and joy.


  2. I’ve always done it at the beginning of the meal. For the hats, of course, for the hats, not for the naff plastic toys.
    I have friends who pull them after the main course, but before the pudding. I have no idea why.

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    • it’s great fun for the adults too, but the presence of children makes it a real hoot: the silliness of it all: the skew-whiff paper hats, the toy whistles, the corny jokes : it is the ‘silly season’ here, Bob 🙂

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