That Man Looks Like You

That man looks like you, she says, as we pull up near a block of shops.

So he does, I say, having a good squiz.

Only he’s got more hair, she smiles, and less of a paunch.

Go easy, I say.

And look he’s going into the same shop you plan to go into.

Saves me going in, I chuckle. Hope he buys what I want to buy.

Only a minute passes and he comes out carrying a shopping bag.

Let’s see where he lives, she says. Could be fun.

So we follow his car down Pridham and Plymouth past the long Covid Testing queues.

Hello, I say, he’s pulled up outside your place. And he’s marching to the front door. Like he owns the place.

Saves you coming in, she says.

So I let her out and drive away in my little blue Subaru, scratching my cerebrals.

27 thoughts on “That Man Looks Like You

      • I think I would own the chick market in books if I could pull off a realistic Evil Twin novel. Women are always acting like their split-personalitied in their mindset. It would be like CAAATNIP to the ladies if someone came along with keyboard and screen and pulled off a winner.

        John Malone, I like you not only because you are a fine writer but also because you continually surprise me.Writing on your blog, you scare up new ideas, dress them up, and show the world that the supposed amateur can top the professional writer when he tries. In fact, the line is finer and finer between the best of the amateurs and the median line of the professionals.

        Keep writing. Keep improving. You will reach championship levels.

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  1. Oh man, I hope the man that looks like you trades you something for your date, at least his groceries. What a suspenseful flash. W hours following along and feeling like we would solve a mystery together. So good.

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  2. John Cleese. Peter Cook. Spike Milligan are all exemplars of the noble art of silliness; as are Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear; there is a noble tradition of silliness in the English language — including the Fool in “Lear’ — and the beat goes on 🙂


    • she said, that man looks like you. Wow, I thought and my mind was off and running. I am a huge fan of ‘THe Twilight Zone’; I even have a book of the whole series. plots, background stories, photos. I dip into it from time to time …

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