I Never Heard it Coming

We’d just got back from the beach.
I pulled out a book, she put on a CD.
Peaceful, floaty music.
Music to paddle-board to.
But then it changed.
The tempo picked up, the violinists
Played furiously
Like The Two Cellos playing AC/DC.
It was ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi.
I thought, what’s there to get worked up about
With Winter?
Spring, yes, but Winter?
Sluggish, soporific Winter.
But those violins were working up a storm.
You do get storms in winter —gusts, gales, blizzards.
I wanted to get up and fight someone.
Bloody Vivaldi.
All I wanted was Peace. And I got Fury.
You just can’t trust classical music

*pic by Pinterest

45 thoughts on “I Never Heard it Coming

  1. Haha. Darn music. No one should ever compose another winter themed song or poem. 😂 you’re funny. Enjoyed reading this. Too good not to share. I’ll take it to Twitter. 🌟 you rock, Sir John Malone. I say you do!

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    • damn good question, Neil; I don’t actually have fave genres but I have fave songs which cross many lines: here are a few: almost anything by The Stones or Beatles or Nirvana; I like folk rock, I like early Dylan, Aussie hip-hop; I really like looooong sons like ‘Macarthur’s Park’, Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘November rain’, NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’; Stevie Wright’s ‘Evie, pats 1,2 &3’; how’s that for starters, Neil ?

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  2. I find it harder and harder to choose music when I have the opportunity these days. I used to think my parents were weird always listening to AM radio – talking, talking, talking. But now, when I put on my headphones to keep my brain busy while I do housework, it’s always podcasts, rarely (if ever) music. Talking talking talking. I don’t know what changed. Music is so mood provoking. But also mood dependent. If life is a tight rope, I don’t want music to wobble me. LOL. And I would never limit that to classical. I like classical as much as any genre.

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    • I just love that tightrope metaphor. I remember in a much earlier post you recommended a podcast to me. I can’t remember what it was or whether I listened. I guess music does it for me but I love magazine articles. I like to read at my own pace. I reckon we’ve discussed this before

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  3. Oh I love Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” and though I hate winter in real life, his Winter is splendid, my favourite of the concertos with its dark, moody, fast tempo. I always feel out of breath after listening to it.
    I understand what you mean though, sometimes you just want tranquil. Have you ever listened to Garth Stevenson’s “Flying” ? He’s a Canadian double bassist, ethereal music that you might like, no hard edges, no fury. 😉

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  4. I like that some pop/rock songs use classical music at times to broaden their palette of sounds; this works particularly well when an artist performs their work to the backing of a symphony orchestra


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