Is It Any Wonder ?

Have you got ants in yr pants? Mum would say

When I fidgeted in bed.

Once the dentist slapped me in the face

When I wouldn’t keep still

During an extraction.

My mind would wander like Wordsworth

When I was a kid.

You’d forget yr head if it wasn’t screwed on

Was a comment

That followed me like a shadow.

You’ve always got yr head in the clouds,

Barked Brother Angus

From his pulpit

During Ancient History lessons.

Well, it’s better than having it stuck up my arse,

I wanted to say.

And now my grand-daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Is it any wonder?.

32 thoughts on “Is It Any Wonder ?

  1. i’ve never been a fan of dentists, due to my own childhood experiences there, and now i have a very kind one, and lucky because i am there twice a year. it is amazing how people can treat children who are different, so cruelly.

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  2. I like the cheeky retort. I think labelling everything has become more of a fad these days. And there are so many misdiagnoses. The mind is complicated and there’s just too much going on that no one knows anything about. I hope your mind stays well and creative. 🙂

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