Meatloaf: a Mash-up

When I was a horny teen, I sometimes dreamt of finding

paradise by the dashboard lights, but dad wouldn’t let me

have his car so that was that; my big brother who was into

philosophy, said, don’t worry, buddy, heaven can wait;

you don’t know what you’re talking about, I snapped.

I found a gal and we went for it. like bats out of hell.

I didn’t have a big motorcycle, or a belting voice

but I found a gal I hit it off with , so I said to my brother,

hey man, two out of three ain’t bad

*pic courtesy of Wikipedia

43 thoughts on “Meatloaf: a Mash-up

    • thanks Neil: I like to think so; those four songs define him for me — and that amazing album: I reckon in the late seventies two out of three Aussie households would have held a copy, much like Neil Diamond’s ‘Hot August Night’ 🙂

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  1. Hi John, great poem and clever use of Meatloaf’s lyrics. It’s getting harder to separate the artist from the art for me, and increasingly so, it seems I can’t. I grew up with Meatloaf, have always loved his music, but so much has been revealed about artists I used to support, especially in the past two years. Meatloaf was part of the soundtrack of my youth, but I can’t listen to his songs anymore.
    Sorry to go off on a tangent. I won’t hijack your blog on this any further. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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